Therapist Terms & Conditions

Freelance Therapist Insurance and Tax

You will be working as a freelance Therapist meaning you are self employed and responsible for keeping all Tax and National Insurance in order. As You Like It will accept no responsibility in the event of such payments not being made correctly.As a freelance therapist, you are expected to maintain the same highly professional standard of work and customer care that would be expected of you in any salon/spa


You will be expected to wear suitable clothing for the treatments you are providing, a tunic or salon uniform is preferred, if you do not have one, black trousers and t shirt will be suitable. All clothing should be clean, neat and ironed and appearance should be neat and professional.


You will be required to provide your own equipment (see attached equipment list)

Consultation forms

As You Like It requires that all clients complete a consultation form prior to treatments and will inform therapists of any conditions which may result in adaptation of treatment or treatment not being able to take place and an alternative treatment agreed on.


As You Like It requires the Therapist to email an invoice as soon as possible so that payment can be made within 24-48 hours.

The right to refuse treatment

We uphold strict professional and ethical standards and it is important that our Therapists feel comfortable whilst working at any engagements on behalf of us.

We make our customers aware that our therapists maintain the right to terminate treatments if any of the following apply:

  • Broken skin or lesions
  • Misconduct such as solicitation or suggestive comments
  • Any medical conditions not mentioned at the time of reservation
  • Pregnancy – if the treatment in question is considered inappropriate for a pregnant woman
  • Intoxication by alcohol

Travel and parking expenses

Travel costs are not covered (unless you are asked to travel a significant distance from your base). Parking expenses are charged to the party, you will be reimbursed for any expenses when you receive your payment for your services.